Our Solution

Using your plant operational data, we simulate and optimize your process.  Together we can define what is the best optimization strategy for your system, from tuning your PID parameters to setting new set-points.

Each treatment plant is unique. Our algorithm too. Using state of the art AI-based technologies we create a unique model for each plant.

Together we can test different strategies and scenarios with in the safety of the computer before on-the ground implementation

Our Value Proposition

To reduce energy consumption and the risk of norm noncompliance without having to incur expensive new software or hardware and without modifying the way you work.

How? With our simulation, optimization and monitoring Dashboard tailored to your process and KPI. You will be monitoring your savings in no time!

Let’s Make Your Plant

How Do We Work?

We follow the steps of water intelligence:

Step 1

Data Exploration

We analyze your plant’s past and using this information, simulate its future and identify critical points.

Step 2

Modeling & Research

We build a machine learning-based model for your WWTP, and co-design a compliance and energy optimization strategy for your plant.  We pay particular attention to set-points and PID controller parameters.

Step 3

Implementation /

We implement and monitor the effiency and compliancy strategy, producing monthly reports to keep you posted on everything you need to know.

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We optimize without compromising your treatment process’s quality. Furthermore, we strive to reach a compliance efficient process.

Let’s make your plant more intelligent, lowering OPEX costs without CAPEX expenses!

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Our Services

Process Monitoring
Energy Optimization of Blowers
Automatic Data Analysis
Regulation Compliance Report Assistant
Cyber Secure Data Transfer
Pumping Energy Optimization
Inter-Plant Multivariate Studies

Our Team

Camilo Huneeus


Chemical Engineer and Master of Science in Environmental Management (Yale University). More than 7 years of experience in water management and waste treatment plans design and control in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Martín Concha


Biotechnology Engineer and Master of Science in Environmental Technologies (U Ghent, Belgium). More than seven years of experience managing environmental innovation projects in Latin America and Europe.

Dr. Marcos Pérez


PhD. in Physics and Data Science with more than ten years’ experience in data analytics and software development for large corporations.

Dra. (c) Ana Lambert

Environmental Director

Environmental Engineer and Master of Science in Environmental Management (Yale University). More than five years of experience in water quality and environmental management in Latin America, Africa and Australia.

AInwater Press Room

Startup que utiliza inteligencia artificial para el tratamiento de aguas obtiene primer lugar de INAPI Running

Se trata de AInwater, innovación que, a través de un software, minimiza el consumo energético de Plantas de Tratamiento de Aguas Servidas (PTAS) y de RILes en hasta un 25%. La tecnología se encuentra ad-portas de llegar al mercado brasileño.

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The water treatment utility of Lagos region in Chile.

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The largest water treatment utility in Chile.


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    Winner 2021

  • MIT Water Innovation
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