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Artificial Intelligence Water



An online tool to optimize and monitor easily each parameter of your plant, from RAS to SVI.

  • Online optimization, with savings of up to 30% in energy costs

  • Simulation of your process using YOUR data

  • Operational reports

  • Predictive alerts and operational recommendations

  • Simple dashboard which centralizes your operation

Using operational data from water treatment plants, we monitor and optimize your treatment system.

We define with you an optimization strategy which is updated and optimized thanks to our software’s own machine learning.

We generate alerts for all control parameters, biological or electronic.

Value Proposal

Up to 30% in energy costs savings, thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms.

With our dashboard, tailored to your needs, you will control and optimize your water treatment plant, easing up your operation

Best of all, our software delivers predictive alerts and recommendations for key control parameters, such as IVL, F/M, sludge age and WAS-RAS rates, etc.


  • Up to 30% in energy savings

  • Compliance with water quality standards

  • CO2 emissions reduction

Let’s Make Your Plant

Let's make your plant: Simple, efficient, sustainable and intelligent

Our Services

Process monitoring
Process monitoring
Energy optimization of blowers
Energy optimization of blowers
Automatic data analysis
Automatic data analysis
Assistant for compliance reports
Assistant for compliance reports
Data as a Service
Data as a Service

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Camilo Huneeus: CEO

Camilo Huneeus


Chemical Engineer and Master of Science in Environmental Management (Yale University). More than 10 years of experience in water management and waste treatment plans design and control in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Martín Concha: CFO

Martín Concha


Biotechnology Engineer and Master of Science in Environmental Technologies (U Ghent, Belgium). More than 10 years of experience managing environmental innovation projects in Latin America and Europe.

Dr. Marcos Pérez: CTO

Dr. Marcos Pérez


PhD. in Physics and Data Science with more than 14 years experience in data analytics and software development for large corporations.

Contact: marcos@ainwater.com

AInwater Team

Constanza Cordova: Data Scientits

Constanza Cordova

Data Scientist

Civil Engineer in Chemistry and Data Science Analyst.
7+ years in project management and development of technological projects involving automation and process optimization.

Antonio Fica: Business Development

Antonio Fica

Business Development

Hydraulics Civil Engineer.
5+ years in entrepreurial initiatives and coastal projects.

Claudia Grossi: Management

Claudia Grossi


Economist with a M.A. in Latin American Studies from UT Austin.
30+ years in management, commmunications and business promotion.

Jefe de Instrumentación y Automatización: Mario Morales

Dr. Carlos Santibañez


PhD in Electrical Engineering, he has more than 10 years of experience in engineering systems, maintenance, and automation of industrial processes.

Fernanda Jahn: R&D Engineer

Fernanda Jahn

R&D Engineer

Chemical Engineer with a concentration on Biological Engineering.
Experience in research and innovation involving biotechnology and chemical processes.

Desarrollo de Negocios: Jennifer Silva

Tania Villalpando

Mexico Business Development Leader

Graduate in International Business with more than 8 years of sales experience in different commercial sectors.

José André Chirinos: UI Designer

José André Chirinos

UI Designer

Graphic and UI Designer with more than 5 years of experience in corporate and commercial design.

Susana Mena: Data Scientist

Yaniela Fernández

Data Scientist

B.S. in Computer Science and MSc in Bioinformatics.
10+ years developing R&D projects.

Esteban Vivanco: AI Model Development Intern

Paloma Zanelli

Studies Engineer

Civil Engineer in Environmental Biotechnology, minor in Bioinformatics. Experience in sustainability and biotechnological R&D projects.

Esteban Vivanco: AI Model Development Intern

Andrea Fernández

Development Engineer

Practicing Environmental Engineer in charge of supporting the sales area of ​​the company. With experience in environmental management in the construction area.

Esteban Vivanco: AI Model Development Intern

William Carvalho

Environmental and Occupational Safety Engineer

10 years of experience in several industrial sectors in the area of ​​industrial water treatment, working in technical improvements of processes and chemical treatments.

Fernando Fuentes

Data Scientist

Civil Engineer in Biotechnology oriented to process modeling. 5+ years of experience leading R&D and data science projects.

Saúl Hormazábal

Software Technical Leader

Senior Full-stack developer adding experience in software projects since 2012, both technically and in project management and team leadership.

Cristian Zúñiga

Full Stack Developer

Software developer, specialized in digital transformation in the engineering, construction and education sectors, covering both the public and private spheres.

David Ruz

Full Stack. Developer

Civil Computer Engineer. 5+ years of experience in web and mobile software development and planning, both back-end and front-end.

Carlos Filisola


Graduate in Mathematics and Administration 11 years in the commercial area of ​​Automation and Control of the industrial sector such as oil & gas, water, chemistry, petrochemistry and infrastructure.

Areli Bejarano


Master in Environmental Sciences. I help companies improve their wastewater treatment processes, so that they are more efficient and economical.

AInwater Press Room

Our Clients

Nestlé – México

Nestlé México

Bimbo – Chile

Grupo Bimbo is the leading and largest baking company in the world.

Sigma Alimentos – Mexico

One of the largest food producers in Mexico

Agrosuper – Chile

Largest pork producer in Chile.

Aguas Araucanía – Araucanía – Chile

Water utility

Suralis – Pura vida

The water treatment utility of Lagos region in Chile.

Coopagua – Santo Domingo – Chile

Nonprofit water utility

CEA – Jalisco – Mexico

State of Jalisco Water Commission – Mexico

SAPAL – Guanajuato – Mexico

Water and Sewage Uitility in Leon, Guanajuato

Granjas Carroll – México

Important Mexican Meat producer, owned by Smithfields Farms

Ecoriles – Santiago – Chile

Largest operator of industrial wastewater plants in Chile, owned by Veolia

Remote Waters – Santiago – Chile

Leader on Desalination plant and design

Aguas Antofagasta – Chile

Desalination plant in the city of Antofagasta


Leading multinational company in waste management. Applying our technology in the mining sector.

M.Dias Branco

One of the largest food producers in Brazil.

Cia Saneamento de Jundiai

Jundiai Sanitation Company


Leader in the private basic sanitation sector in Brazil.

Fundación Anglo American

Our Allies


  • Game Changer del Water Innovation Imagine H2O 2023 Cohort

  • Extreme Tech Challenge LATAM finalists.

  • UNLEASH+2021
    Accelerator program

  • Create and Validate:
    Rapid Implementation 2020

    Create and Validate:
    Businesses 2021

    Winner 2021

  • MIT Water Innovation
    Prize 2021


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